ZERO COMPRESSION BACK BRACE: Patented Back Brace For Lower Back Pain Relief and Posture Corrector

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* No Pain Killers

* No Surgery

* True Pain Relief

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Alternative Method For Treatment Of Back Pain Without Surgery Or Medication

We believe that there are several great alternative methods that can help relieve lower back pain. Thousands of satisfied customers put the Zero Compression Back Brace on top of this highly coveted list because of what it does.

What Makes Zero Compression Back Braces Different From Other Back Braces?

Benefits of Our Back Braces

"No Compression" Design: We are the only company that offers back braces with a "No Compression" design utilizing dual parallel protrusions.

Other Braces Have Compression: Other braces focus on compression, our designs have no compression (hence the word Zero in our name). Zero compression means less pain for anyone wearing our back braces.

Lumbar Back Pain Relief: Our back braces will provide lower lumbar support that will provide relief, rather than pain.

Wear at Work: You can wear Zero Compression Back Braces while you are at work.

Relieve Muscle Tension: Back braces with compression will weaken back muscles over time.


Zero Compression Back Braces For Sale

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Why Zero Compression Brace Could Be Your Top Choice ?

* The most obvious reason being a medical brace  it works amazingly on most Spinal Pain Conditions, Deals effectively with pain after Spine Surgery, as well as discomfort in lower back. Designed separately for Men, Women, Pregnant Women. Comes in many sizes from Small to 3XL. Has an adjustable Velcro Closure. Is Light , soft, discrete.

* Unlike most braces this Lower Back Relief Brace has a US and International Patents, has effectively cured the CEO of our company from Two Herniated Discs ( how is that for effectiveness ? ) It's proprietary " Dual Protrusions " design offers unparalleled Spine traction while protecting Spinal Muscles from being compressed.  Over 90% of users agree.

Let's Not Forget About Posture!

* Maintaining Proper Posture is often neglected when deciding on choosing Lower Lumbar Back Support Belts. We did not omit this aspect wile designing this perfect brace. Besides creating Best Back Brace for Lower Back Pain we made sure to combine Best Back Brace for Posture in the same Patented design. As both Lumbar Back Brace and Posture Corrector you receive both attributes in one device. Wit this soft , not bulky feel  your Lumbar Spine Support Brace gives you the same relief without wearing two separate devices. Remember there is no effective relief without  > PROPER POSTURE <

Zero Compression Brace Has A Patent Unlike Most Braces!

* After seeing how great the Zero Compression Back Brace was performing and changing lives not only of our CEO but countless other pope the Patent Office agreed that this design was truly unique and granted us this coveted by many distinction.  What does this mean for you?  It proves beyond doubt that we have a superior device and No One Else Can Make  it, and without middlemen we can offer it to you quickly and at the lowest cost. A BARGAIN for what it can do in your life.

VIDEO : Lumbar Spine Anatomy presented by the Spine-Health Institute

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3 Best Back Braces You Can Buy

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Below You can find even more information about our back brace and learn how it can help you on the road to recovery and enjoying your life again. ==========================


Millions of People In The United States Suffer From Some Form Of Back Pain

There are very few choices of dealing with this serious issue, and some of them are risky, expensive or have the potential of creating an addiction.

While there are times when procedures like Spinal Fusion or Epidural Injections are necessary, they are the most over-prescribed and experts agree they are often unnecessary.

Then there is a well-publicized epidemic of prescription pain killers overuse. There are often prescribed by the doctors as patients demand a solution for their agonizing daily pain. Many of those drugs carry a risk of addiction and a severe threat to kidneys, and liver. Most pregnant women are not allowed to take any pain medication.

Most of us are wondering if there is an alternative method of dealing with pain; however, a Back Support Brace is not the first choice that comes to mind. The reason is that over the years back braces were not made to provide a permanent solution to such severe conditions such as Herniated Disk, Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis, Bulging Disk, Degenerative Disk Disorder, Muscles Spasms and more.

Some Back Pain Specialists are designing Back Braces for their clients on an individual basis, and they provide comfort for their patients. The downside is that those devices cost way over $1,000.00 and often are bulky, huge while being uncomfortable.

You don't have to suffer from the conditions above. If you deal with back pain due to sciatica, a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, pinched nerve, or degenerative disc disorder, you should give one of our back support braces a try.

You have made a wise choice of visiting us here. You or even someone that you know may be suffering from a stubborn Back Pain that just won't go away. Lower Back Pain can be so severe that performing daily tasks is almost impossible. Simple activities such as walking, sitting, spending time with family or driving are too painful. Your life shouldn't suffer because you are dealing with back pain.

Choose A Zero Compression Back Brace

 - Herniated Disk- Sciatica- Spinal Stenosis- Degenerative Disc Disorder- Pinched Nerve - Bulging Disk

You don't have to suffer from any of the conditions above. If you live with pain due to sciatica,  herniated disc, spinal stenosis, pinched nerve, or degenerative disc disorder, you should give one of our back support braces a try.

We are here to prove that you may enjoy your life without that stubborn Back Pain that just won't go away. Lower Back Pain can be so severe that performing daily tasks is almost impossible. Simple activities such as walking, sitting, spending time with family or driving are too painful. Your life shouldn't suffer because you are dealing with back pain.

At our company, we have patented an incredible device that reduces even the most severe form of lower back pain conditions. They are called Zero Compression Back Braces and can be worn for the extended period during the day as well while sleeping without adverse health effects. Based on our extensive testing we created a Zero Compression Back Brace that besides providing the most effective lower back pain relief, but it is also designed with comfort in mind.

Not only great for back pain but attention to a Posture Improvement was not overlooked. Even though great for pain, it has dual cushions system that puts the spine in the proper posture that improves gradually over time with a device that is  ultralight and very comfortable.

As you do your research to find the perfect brace do not hesitate to ask the other Brands how their devices work and what makes them unique, and maybe most importantly if they have US and International patents?


- Preventing any compression to the spine column (L1- S1) in the lower back while the wearer is sitting, sleeping, or walking.


How? The spine column (nerves end, disks (L1- S1), facets joints) are sheltered into a spatial cavity between a dual cushioned pad parallel to the spine column (L1- S1)

-Cushioning and supporting the spinal column (L1-S1) and lower back muscles with our patented dual cushioned pads.

-Maintaining the spinal column in protection traction, while releasing pressure from nerve ends resulting in reduced or eliminated pain.

-Aligning the spinal column in the correct posture for added comfort.

-Providing support to the abdominal muscles which result in corrected posture. -Promote healing to the spine Allowing the wearer to move comfortably. It can be worn while sitting, driving, walking, or sleeping.

The features of the Zero Compression Back Brace are superior to features of similar braces on the market today. It's unique ability to provide a long lasting back pain relief while being discrete, comfortable, and ultra light. As a proof of its unique ability to relieve back pain due to Herniated Disk, Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis, Degenerative Disease, Spondylosis has been recognized and awarded patents in the US, Canada, Australia, and other countries. It features unique patented designs for women, men, and pregnant women

Most causes of back pain are due to injury or damage to the disks or facet joints. The changes in those structures cause pressure on the nerve ends, and when stimulated, it results in back pain. Zero Compression Back Brace releases tension from these nerves promoting pain relief.

Most braces on the market are designed to compress the lower back. Mostly containing elastic, when worn, these braces put pressure on the lower back resulting in pressure upon the nerve ends, discs and facets joints resulting in increased back pain. These braces do not align the spine properly, and they limit mobility.

Zero compression Back Brace has been helping thousands of people! Including those with mild to chronic back pain, post-back surgery patients, sufferers of sciatica pain, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, bulging disc, gestational back pain, and more.