ZERO COMPRESSION BACK BRACE: Patented Back Brace For Lower Back Pain Relief and Posture Corrector

Maternity back brace
Back brace for pregnancy
Maternity back brace
Maternity back brace
Back brace for pregnancy
Back brace for pregnancy

Maternity Belt | Pregnancy Waist/ Back / Abdomen/ Belly Support

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Size chart :  ( based on pre-pregnancy dress size )
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Check out our top-rated pregnancy back brace and pregnancy belly support band. You can relieve your maternity back pain and get the belly support you need throughout your pregnancy. You need pregnancy back support and pregnancy belly support, so give the Zero Compression Maternity Belt and Back Brace a try today!

 Maternity Back pain video by Zero Compression Back Brace


Hey mama to be! 

My name is Rosalie Dudkiewicz! I'm a registered nurse and the inventor of Zero Compression Back Brace.

Pregnancy is such a beautiful season, yet it's also tough on your body! If you’re suffering from back pain, you’re not alone!

2 out of 3 pregnant women experience constant or nagging back pain. 

As your pregnancy progresses into the second and third trimester, it’s common for back pain to increase. As your belly grows, your body shifts to make room for your beautiful baby.  Increasing pressure on your lower back and sciatic nerve are common complaints. That’s why it’s so important to take care of your lower back during your pregnancy.

Are you feeling…

  • Lower back pain when you stand for long periods of time?

  • Soreness when you’re sitting down at work, driving or trying to relax?

  • Does back pain interfere with grocery shopping, cooking or exercising?

Strengthening exercises, especially for your lower back can help. However, it’s essential to get excellent back support. This is where Zero Compression back brace comes to the rescue!

More than a belly band, our maternity back brace is beautiful and functional. Our silky, flexible design relieves sciatic nerve pain by lessening the compression on your lower back.

Here’s what Annel says about her Zero Compression Maternity back brace…

“I had an amazing experience with this brace. This was my second pregnancy and I suffered with sciatica pain since the beginning of the second trimester. The pregnancy simply aggravated it. I was wondering how was I gonna continue working, how was I gonna deliver naturally, how was I going to cope with the pain and continue with my daily routine that also includes taking care of my daughter which could be very physical. I was concerned about my health and then I stumbled with this miracle.

I was able to deliver a healthy baby this month throught a vbac (vaginal after c section) and this would have not been possible without the help of this device. Thank you for making a difference in my pregnancy."

When you use your Zero Compression back brace, you’ll feel immediate support for your lower back, and reduced compression on your spine, as it works to relieve your back pain.

Our brace is a drug free, easy way to relieve your pain!

As simple to put on as a belt, with a wide strap for below your belly and a narrower one for above, you’ll be wrapped in silky comfortable fabric that’s easy to wear underneath your clothing, even workout gear. 

Buy your Zero Compression brace now for just $119.99

We guarantee your Zero Compression Maternity Back Brace will provide you total comfort, excellent back pain relief, and back support, all for an affordable price.

We'll even let you try it for 15 days! If you don’t experience pain relief, return your brace and we’ll give you a refund. It’s that simple!

Buy your brace today and find out why so many expecting moms prefer this back brace over other maternity back pain relief devices currently on the market.

The Zero Compression Maternity back brace…
  1. Provides pain relief when you’re continuously working during your pregnancy
  2. Makes exercising and training easier during your pregnancy
  3. Helps provide additional support as you gain weight
  4. Supports your back if you’re carrying twins
  5. Excellent relief for sciatica pain and other lower back pain that happens during pregnancy.
  6. A way to stay off back pain medication during pregnancy which may affect and potentially hurt the baby
  7. Good relief against stretching pains, i.e., ligament discomfort.
  8. Perfect for women suffering from hernias while carrying a baby.
  9. Good muscle strength is encouraged even after delivery of a baby.

Buy your Zero Compression maternity Back Brace for just $119.99 ( including shipping ) today! 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

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