Patented Back Brace For Lower Back Pain Relief and Posture Corrector, only $49.95

Questions and Answers about Zero Compression Back Brace

Should I talk to my doctor before I wear a back brace ?

It is always important to consult with your physician about your specific health condition. For a well balanced approach to relieve your back pain, ask your doctor about exercises you can incorporate into your daily routine in conjunction with wearing a Zero Compression Back Brace. 

 What makes the Zero Compression Back Brace the best back brace option currently available?

 Zero Compression is an innovative back brace with a concept that no other brace can claim!   IT ACTUALLY RELIEVES BACK PAIN !

Zero Compression Back Braces prevent the spine and nerves from being compressed.

Most back braces on the market are designed to compress the spine and nerves. That just intensifies the pain.

Our Zero Compression Back Brace has a unique design to maintain proper posture at all times. 

The Zero Compression Back Brace has a unique design for men, women, as well as one for pregnant women  

Can this brace be worn all day long ?

The Zero Compression Back Brace is designed to provide gentle support all day.  It is ultralight, comfortable, and can be worn discreetly under clothing so you can drive, sit, swim, or exercise.

 Can I wash my brace ?

Our brace is washable and designed for long term use. Reattach the velcro covers that come with the brace. Wash it in cold water and tumble dry for best results.

 How do I choose the correct size of the brace?

Please visit our sizing page which shows the correct sizes for men, women, and maternity.

 How do I make sure that I am wearing the Zero Compression Back Brace correctly ?

We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of wearing the brace correctly as per the instructions on the box.  or on the video


 It is very important that the back part is placed correctly

The pads must fit well on the S-shape curve of the lower back.

The spine must be at the center between the pads at ALL TIMES

Place the flap tail part just above the tail end bone. You can place it underneath the underwear  for better fit.