ZERO COMPRESSION BACK BRACE: Patented Back Brace For Lower Back Pain Relief and Posture Corrector

Our story


My name is Rosalie Dudkiewicz. I have been  a nursing professional for over twenty-three years. In my work I am constantly on my feet, bending over, and lifting patients. It's not surprising that over time I developed pain in my sciatic nerve. The intense discomfort radiated down my legs and made it increasingly difficult to walk.
My doctor suggested I have a Facet Rhizotomy (a procedure that eliminates the nerve that comes from the hypertrophied facet joints and sends a pain signal to the brain). The procedure was more than a failure; I ended up with two herniated disks at stage 4.  I was unable to drive, sleep, or sit without agonizing pain. I was forced to go on temporary disability and face the reality of being permanently disabled.

I was referred to a pain management physician who placed me on multiple pain medications, sent me to physical therapy, and performed an epidural block. Nothing relieved that debilitating pain. My last option was back surgery. By that time, I had lost faith in doctors, and I refused to pursue that option.

I was forced to leave my beloved nursing career. I was unable to drive, and was housebound most of the time. I was impatient with my husband and children due to a lack of sleep and pain. I was depressed and felt hopeless.

Each night I struggled to find a position that might allow me to rest. As I did so, I noticed that when I bent forward into a fetal position, my pain would increase, but when I changed to a lateral position with my body straight the pain subsided. It was impossible however to maintain the position. I tried a supine position, again straightening out my body. There was no relief,  and the pain was exacerbated by the pressure of the mattress. It occurred to me that if I could release pressure on my spine and nerves, I could stop the pain. I cupped my hand over the injured disks, and held it there for 30 minutes. Slowly my pain began to disappear. I couldn't believe it.
I called out to my husband who was getting up to work his night shift. He looked at me skeptically as I poured out excitement over my discovery. "We'll talk about it when I get home," he said. 

And talk we did. We discussed how the endless number of braces I tried had no effect. I pointed out that all these braces created pressure on the spine and nerves and increased my pain. I was certain that I could devise a brace that would protect the spine and nerves from being compressed by an object, such as the mattress or chair, and at the same time support my back muscles and keep my spine straight. If I was right my back pain would decrease substantially while I wore it.

My husband agreed.  He utilized his engineering skills to help turn the concept into a reality. It was primitive at first. I sewed the pieces by hand. When I tried on the finished prototype, I held my breath. Hours went by. I sat, I slept. It was helping my pain!

I then decided to make significant improvements. I bought a sewing machine and learned to sew. After many adjustments I finally developed a much improved brace. It fit well and was not visible under clothing.

I dutifully continued my physical therapy. One day I showed the brace to my physical therapist. He looked it over and said, "I have never seen anything like this! I'm surprised no one has come up with this before."
That night I sat down with my husband, and we applied for a patent.

I continued using my brace 24/7. I still couldn't quite believe it. Maybe it was a fluke. I tried removing the brace to test it, and the pain returned. I put it back on, the pain was eliminated.

I decided to share my invention and its effect with my doctor, a brain and spine surgeon who is a recognized expert in his field.  I told him how I had created a brace and that I was returning back (no pun intended) to work. He raised his eyebrows, examined the brace, and said, “Why didn't I think of this?"

Encouraged, I began telling my friends and fellow sufferers. Soon they were asking me to make them a brace. My home became my studio. I was up to my eyeballs in materials for my braces. I was working night and day (with no pain, mind you), and I was giving my creation away. I was excited by all the positive reports from people of various professions including my colleagues in the medical field, friends, neighbors, even my hair stylist. Some of them who had been suffering after multiple back surgeries found relief.

My friends advised me to have the brace professionally manufactured so I could put it on the market and help a wider audience. My husband and I took up the challenge and ventured forth. It's been a lot of work, but incredibly rewarding. Ultimately we created the brace to be attractive, and invisible under clothing. We even designed a brace for pregnant women.

I hope my story will you encourage you to purchase the Zero Compression Back Brace to substantially decrease or eliminate your lower back pain while you wear it.

We stand behind our product, are certain of its integrity, and offer a full refund guarantee. You've heard our story, and now we invite you to write us and share your story. Let us know how your life has changed after Zero Compression Back Brace eliminated your pain. 
Rosalie Dudkiewicz RN, BSN, Med.
CEO of Zero Compression Back Brace.