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Retained Electricity Intensifies Pain

Retained Electricity Intensifies Pain

     There have been numerous studies  on the effect of the retained electricity and its effects on the painful body areas. Dating back to 17th century and the work of a famous Dr. Galvani known as a founder of electro medicine this area of medicine has attracted lots of attention of medical researchers over the years

     Another investigation that has direct relevance to pain treatment today is Dr. Galvani’s work showing that damaged nerves emit an electric current. One of Dr. Galvani’s students, Dr. Carlo Matteucci, carried on extensive studies of the emission of electricity from damaged nerves after Dr. Galvani’s death in 1798. The importance of these early findings is that an injury to nerves, as found in the typical pain patient, emits an electric current that leaks into and pools in the tissue around the damaged nerves. It is this “free” or “pooled” electricity that may produce pain and inflammation.

    According to current experts in the field such as Dr. Forrest Tennant and others  the trapped electricity from  painful are of the body where nerves have been injured must be removed because a dysfunctional nerve traps the electricity that your nerves constantly generate.  Retained electricity may cause pain flares, burning, itching, redness, jerking and twitching, insomnia, headache, and loss of appetite. The excess electricity should be removed daily since nerves constantly make it. 

      Chronic pain is partly due to damaged nerves that constantly produce and retain or "trap" electricity.  A build up of too much electricity causes a pain flare, inflammation, and additional damage to the body.  The prevention and reduction of retained electricity is very important  daily practice to adequately control pain.  Copper, brass, magnesium, and magnets act as a "lightning rod" and attract trapped electricity.  The tissues of the body are negatively charged while metals like copper and magnesium are positive and attract or "pull out" retained or trapped electricity.  The word "grounding" is related to the fact that electricity is neutralized or dissipated when it reaches the ground.

     Some of the common practices recommended by doctors specializing in this field such as Dr. Tennant are simple and take several minutes to do but every individual needs to consult their own health expert on suitability for their specific condition and time duration prior to starting any of following practices. They include among others  

1.  Walking barefoot on sand or grass

 2.  Taking a hot bath with Epson Salts which are magnesium sulfate

 3.  Wearing a copper or magnetic bracelet (They can make pain worse if worn too long.)

 4.  Rubbing your painful sites with a copper object - time is 1 to 3 minutes

 5.  Applying magnets to your painful site

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  • Very interesting. I am an electronics engineer. And have been thinking recently about, grounding the electrical activity associated with the pain of peripheral neuropathy.
    Will investgate further.
    Thanks for great article.

    Paul Lock

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