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How Depression, And Anxiety May Be Related To Back Pain

How Back Pain Affects the Sufferers

Causes of Lower Back Pain

The lower back pain is a common type of back pain. There can be several reasons behind lower back pain depending on the history of depression and severity. But the main reason for lower back pain can be associated with plenty of mechanical tension and strain. The major contributing factor is the weight of the top body, which continually exert pressure on the lower back and leading to back pain.

Back Pain and Depression

The Sufferers of chronic back pain frequently notice signs and symptoms of depression. It is not hard to understand why the person is suffering from such a health condition. Lower back pain not only leads to depression, but the intense and unrelenting pain may also cause discomfort by preventing you from sleeping and eating well. The daily stress prevents you from becoming physically energetic and discourages you from taking part in hobbies or social activities. All these specified health conditions require emotional wellness.

Fear of Surgery or Patient recovering from Surgery

According to recent research, it was found that negative thoughts may have a negative impact on the patient’s health during recovery from a surgical procedure for lower back pain. These psychological factors may influence the rehabilitation process, quality of sleep and lack of motivation. All these factors play a crucial role in the therapeutic proceedings of chronic back pain. Back pain and the difficulties it causes can put you back down over time and influence your mood. Chronic pain causes quite a few issues that may result in sadness, such as difficulty sleeping and anxiety. Disabling pain may cause reduced self-esteem because of work and also financial troubles. It is recommended to discuss with your physician if someone has experienced the feeling of hopelessness and despair.

Anxiety and Stress due to Back Pain

Anxiety is a natural phenomenon up to certain level and entirely predictable. But as far as the severe stress is concerned, it is not the typical case. The contributing factors, in this case, are critical, and most people having prolonged history of chronic back pain are at the risk of developing into extreme stressful condition. The sad part is the interpretation of this condition. Mostly it is misunderstood, and the psychologist is finding ways to treat the patient by conventional psychotherapy methods. Risk of back surgery or specific fear can also be the contributing factor in this case.

Sciatica and its role in depression

Sciatica is a severely painful condition which can be felt along the sciatic nerve and affects one side of the body. Sciatica most commonly takes place when a herniated disk. There is clinical evidence that justifies that there can be some possible connections between sciatica and depression. As it is the most unpleasant and painful condition leads to severe depression.

The Nutritional Requirement for Back Pain Sufferers

When a person is having back pain, it essential to know about the foods he/she is eating. But it is quite unfortunate that food choices are ignored and due to which specific foods included the usual diet might be contributing to back pain. In general, a menu for back pain sufferers comprised of lean proteins, raw/steamed vegetables, fresh fruits, cereals, nuts, and a lot of water. It is necessary to avoid several foods and do exercise and reduce body fat composition. It is highly recommended to avoid foods containing too much sugar, processed foods, additives, oily and too much salty foods. Try to use organic foods as much possible. Do not eat foods that are starchy and those foods containing high-fat concentration.

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