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Celebrities and Back Pain

US celebrities with back pain problems

When we see out favorite celebrities on TV, magazines, or on the Internet, they always appear smiling, happy, like the entire world is theirs. They never show any sign of pain and discomfort, although they are humans as well and do have to manage problems just like any of us. For someone that suffers from back pain problems, he or she may believe that such a painful issue is reserved for those with an ordinary life. Celebrities, on the other hand, seem to be blessed with an ideal life, a life where pain and sufferance do not exist. But is it really so? The truth is that they do have to face pain and discomfort because they do have health problems, only that they don't choose to show it publicly. Back pain problems are not that rare among celebrities, many of them struggling with conditions that generate back pain, as you are about to find out.

Usain Bolt is probably one of the world's greatest athletes and the last you would think about when it comes to back pain problems. It is hard to believe that the fastest man on earth had any issue of this kind, but it is real. Bolt was born with a curved spine, which created problems in this adult life, like back pain and problems with his hamstrings. His back issue, summed up with an injury, made him skip the track season back in 2010. He had to go through surgery meant to fix the condition of his spine and regular physiotherapy sessions, to correct the spinal imbalances created by his scoliosis.


George Clooney, who was voted the most handsome man on earth at one point and was one of the most desirable bachelors on the planet until he got married, also suffers from a back condition that is giving him some hard time. While shooting a rather daring scene for a movie back in 2005, Clooney suffered a severe back injury. The injury was so bad that it tore the dura mater, which is a thick, fibrous, and very resistant membrane that protects the spinal fluid around the brain and spinal cord. The damaged allow the fluid to leak, provoking the charming actor severe and hard to endure headaches. He went through numerous spinal surgeries, screws, and rods being used to support his spine fusion. Clooney is still not having a pain-free like, his back problem still giving him headaches, although they are less intense and more manageable now.

Rene Russo, a beautiful and talented actress, model, and producer, was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was in middle school. Still, she did not allow her condition keeping her dreams from coming true and she did everything she could to keep the condition under control. Rene wore back braces for years, which prevented the issue from becoming even worse and saved her from undergoing painful and invasive back surgery. At the moment, she is doing great and still continues alternative therapy to keep her scoliosis from creating troubles, using the help provided by acupuncture and chiropractic care.

Tony Romo, by his full name Antonio Ramiro Romo, is the quarterback of the American football team Dallas Cowboys. During his activity, Romo suffered from a herniated disc in his lower back, which led to severe pain in one of his legs due to the fact that the herniated disc managed to pinch a nerve. It was believed that a bad hit Tony got during one of his football games led to the injury. Also, the problem was initially diagnosed as a hamstring injury, due to his leg pain. In 2013, he suffered a micro discectomy, which is a minimally invasive surgery to his back, with the purpose of removing a part of the herniated disc so that the pressure in the nerve root is relieved. The surgery turned out to be a success, allowing him to get back to the team's off-season workouts and to participate in the pre-season games.

Jennifer Grey, the actress that become famous after playing the lead female role in Dirty Dancing when she was younger, suffered a devastating car crash that severely injured her back. Grey was the only survivor of the car crash, as the rest of the occupants of the vehicle died in the horrible accident. But the ligaments at the back of her neck were ripped off by the impact. She was treated in a timely manner, but the pain in the neck and shoulders tormented the actress for 20 years. While undergoing auditions for the Dancing with The Stars show the doctors that were assessing the health status of each participant advised her to go through surgery as soon as possible, because she may risk becoming paralyzed for the rest of her life. She respected the recommendation of the doctor and had a spinal fusion surgery. After recovering at a rehabilitation clinic, Jennifer was completely healed and ready to continue her career.

Harrison Ford is another beloved actor that suffered from a herniated disc while filming for the movie Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The injury made him stop his shooting and sent him back to Los Angeles for treatment. He had to go through a major back surgery to solve the herniated disc issue. The surgery went well and the actor was able to resume his career. But, another back injury during the shooting of Star Wars: Episode VII, made the actor go through rehab for a period of 6 months, to fix his back problem. Rumors say that the herniated disc he got earlier in his life made him more susceptible to back injuries and pain.

Jackie Chan is a very versatile and ambitious person, a great actor, known for the fact that he prefers doing the stunts for his movies on his own. Unfortunately, the variety of activities during his career led to numerous back injuries. While filming Police Story, he fell through a glass roof after jumping on an electric light stand, which made him damage his back severely by breaking his 7th and 8th vertebrae. His cervical spine was seriously damaged in 1983 as well when he fell off a 25-meter clock tower while making Project A. The accident he had during the making of Policy Story could have paralyzed Chan if he would not have received treatment in a timely manner. He went through surgery that fixed his spine, but Jackie Chan continued hurting his back while shooting various scenes for his movies. His activity is highly appreciated and he is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, but his numerous back injuries are a constant concern. Chan should really be more considerate about the condition of his back to avoid unwanted complications in the future.

Charlize Theron, seen as one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of the moment, also has back problems. During her scenes shooting for the movie Aeon Flux, she accidentally slipped and landed right on her neck. Because the entire weight of her body put pressure on the neck during the impact, she got a herniated disc between the 3rd and 4th vertebrae. The injury was extremely severe, entirely numbing the right side of Theron's body. Hospitalized in Berlin for 5 days, Charlize had surgery in order to correct the condition of her spine. Six weeks after the surgery she was back on the filming stage, performing stunts once again after the third week. She also went through physiotherapy sessions to manage the pain generated by her back surgery.

Although not very many people know about it, George W. Bush also had a back pain problem that was swiftly hidden from the eyes of the media. He had a persistent disc problem that constantly triggered pain and discomfort in his back. In 2013, the 43rd President of the United States decided that it was time to have surgery to get rid of the pain. The event was kept as discreet as possible, to avoid the spread of any unwanted rumors. After surgery, George W. Bush spent time recovering in Florida during one month with his wife and former First Lady, Laura. His recovery was rather fast and he was back to his usual activities in no time. Still, his doctors recommended him to give up golf, but he did not listen too much, making some time to sneak in some golf sessions now and then.

Mick Mars, the guitarist of the Motley Crue band, was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis at the age of 17. The illness made his vertebrae fuse together, which led to the hardening of his spinal cord and making him 3 inches shorter, due to the fact that the spine was constantly pressing forward and down. The pain was also extremely hard to bear as time passed by, so Mars decided to go through a hip replacement surgery in 2004. The affected hip joint was replaced by an artificial one, which would stop making him feel the intense pressure caused by his spine's condition. Currently, the band plays no longer and Mars continues to take care of his health to avoid pain caused by his illness.

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