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Back Pain During Pregnancy

Dealing with back pains during pregnancy

The pregnancy is a magical period for every woman, but it is also not an easy one either. To be able to give birth to a new life, a woman’s body changes its form drastically, to allow the unborn baby to grow. If in the first part of the pregnancy you feel nothing on your back, the more the baby and belly will grow, the harder it will be for your back. In fact, in the second half of the pregnancy, many women have to deal with back pains, because the baby is larger and larger, pulling the center of weight, which creates tension on the spinal cord. Luckily, there are some methods that will help a pregnant woman ease her back pain, as the following lines will show.

The first thing a pregnant woman should do is to be careful about her posture. Slouching will only put more pressure on a spine that already suffers due to the modification of the weight center. So it is best to avoid it. Whenever you sit, work, or stand, try to keep a correct position of the spine, to diminish the stress and pain. At night, when sleeping, a great position would be on the side, with a pillow between the knees, because it will also release the pressure on the spine. If you find it hard to sit right, a large rolled towel placed behind your back, when sitting, will help you maintain a correct back posture, pulling the shoulders back.

Physiotherapy is another way to reduce back pain, because the specialist will assess your condition and apply the right method for reducing these pains. Yoga, Pilates, joint and stability exercises, kinesio  taping, these are all methods applied by physiotherapists, according to the needs of each. But, you can also do physical exercises on your own, to help your back and also get readier for the delivery day. Swimming, stationary cycling or walking, are all suitable for pregnant women. These exercises will improve your flexibility and will strengthen your muscles, allowing a better support of the spinal cord. Also, you can get the help of a back support brace, which will improve your posture and reduce the back pain. The Zero Compression brace is a great brace for everyday use, because it will not apply any supplementary pressure on the spine, like other braces do. Thus, it is extremely comfortable, even if it is worn all day long, delivering the pain relieving results a pregnant woman needs.

When experiencing back pains during pregnancy, all of these methods will work, allowing you to relax more and not suffer because of pain. You can choose to combine several methods at once, for optimum results and an easier pregnancy.

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