ZERO COMPRESSION BACK BRACE: Patented Back Brace For Lower Back Pain Relief and Posture Corrector


Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it can also bring a range of painful back issues. As your baby grows, your ligaments loosen to prepare your body for birth. This, combined with the strain from altered posture, can cause pain that interferes with your sleep and other daily activities  

Backaches during pregnancy are very common and affect most pregnant women at some stage. They often worsen at night. If a woman suffers from intense back pain, she may feel a need to consult her doctor or midwife who is likely to recommend a pregnancy support brace for lower back pain. Zero Compression Back Braces are designed specifically for pregnancy, and we feel your physician will approve. Our braces provide relief from a variety of physical issues as listed below: 

  1. While you are working and on your feet during your pregnancy.
  2. If you’ve gained excess pregnancy weight or have excess amniotic fluid.
  3. If you are carrying twins or multiple births.
  4. If you have lower back pain which is common in pregnancy due to the extra off-balance weight.
  5. In the case of symptoms of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) or Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), common issues during pregnancy.
  6. In the case of hip and pelvic pain caused by the release of the hormone relaxin which prepares your body for labor.
  7. If you have sciatica – a common nerve pain which can spread down the back or leg.
  8. If you suffer from round ligament pain – common stretching pains in pregnancy.
  9. If you suffer from hernias in pregnancy.
  10. The Zero Compression Back Brace for Pregnancy can be used to help your muscles strengthen and provide back support (along with proper exercise) after the birth of your baby.


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